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NASA has developed a flowerpot that can be used as an air purifier

2018/06/08 11:17

NATEDE is a new generation of office darling created by the collision of nature and technology. It is both a flower pot and an air purifier.

Do not underestimate it. The seemingly simple design incorporates sophisticated technology behind it. NATEDE possesses advanced sensors and utilizes a new type of photocatalytic filter that can eliminate 93% of volatile organic compounds, 99% of bacteria, viruses, Fine particles and odors can easily convert all kinds of unpleasant air pollutants into harmless substances.

In addition to capturing and eliminating volatile organic compounds, viruses, and bacteria, NATEDE's internal photocatalytic filters can significantly reduce odors from pets, cigarettes, cooking, and mildew. Due to the purification of the photocatalytic mode, NATEDE's filter does not need to be replaced.

As an air purifier, NATEDE can be connected to other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which will report air quality to the user on a daily basis, and the user can control it through voice, simple and intelligent.

NATEDE is not only an air purifier, but it is also equipped with a sensor that can accurately measure room temperature, humidity, and detect pollutants, PM2.5, and carbon monoxide. When NATEDE detects air contains a lot of pollutants, its application program A notification will be sent out asking the user to provide activity information in order to better understand the user's habits and adjust the experience based on the user's needs.

As a natural air purifier, NATEDE's core technology is phytoremediation, which removes toxins from the air by harnessing the plant's natural ability. It is reported that this is the research result of NASA. Currently this product has launched crowdfunding on kickstarter.