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The banana peel is thrown into a pot, which is more fertile than fertilization, and it's like a doping like crazy.

2018/06/08 11:27

The leftover banana peels at home can be used to grow flowers. Generally domestic flowers can be used. Banana skin is rich in potassium, and it is perishable. After cooking, it is a very good potash fertilizer. In general, if the branches and flowers of home-grown plants are soft and delicate, you can apply banana peel fertilizer. The effect is good.

The use of banana peels for flowering is not a direct way to throw banana peels into flower pots. In that case, many black flying insects will come out and there will be no harm. Generally, the banana peel is smashed and mixed with a little soil and put in a bucket. If the temperature is high in the summer, it can be cured in about half a month. When the temperature is low in the spring and autumn, it may take a month to make it.

The tanned banana peel fertilizer can be directly used as a base fertilizer, and can also be used to topdress flowers and grass. Especially in the period of rapid growth of plants, such a banana peel fertilizer is very suitable.

There are also flower buds who will dry the banana skin and then break it down for use. However, for the average urban flower grower, this is not the best way to do so. The dried banana peel will attract a large number of small flying insects, which is very annoying. In the event of a rainy day, it would be bad.

If there are conditions at home, such as a yard or a large terrace, you can also soak the banana peels with water and allow them to directly use the water to water the flowers after fermentation.