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When the flowerpot is empty, muddy water is sprinkled freely. This kind of flowering is really annoying.

2018/06/08 11:13

The district in the city is now more beautifully built, but there are always discordant notes in the beautiful neighborhood...

On May 23, Mr. Qian, the owner of a residential area in the eastern part of New City, told reporters that many households were keen to cultivate flowers and suffered from indoor inconvenience. They moved their flowers to the outer windowsill and wanted flowers to receive the sunshine. However, the pots are placed on the outer window sill. The outer window sill is originally very narrow, and the bottom of the slightly larger pots may even be vacant. In the event that the wind is blown away, it is a trivial matter to break the flower pots. If anyone passes through, it will be a big deal. . It is possible that residents of the entire building are responsible.

Ms. Ma, who lives in a residential area along Yanjiang Road, said that many of the owners’ balconies are open-style, with air-conditioning outdoor units on balconies and flowers on the outdoor units. Mosaics and pots of mud accumulate on the balcony, often blocking the sewer pipe on the balcony, so often the owner's home on the balcony of the sewage pipe is blocked, and need to find someone to clear the sewer. And some owners in the process of outdoor conservation of these flowers, it is inevitable that there will be drops of water and soil residue, and downstairs households.

Ms. Ma said that the flower pots outside the house are often soilless and soiled with clothes and quilts. Occasionally, some branches of flowers and plants are cut off. In fact, you can put a flower pot at the end of the drag, or staggered watering time, the use of spray watering, rather than pouring water to water.