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Cactus can die? Try this smart flower pot

2018/06/08 11:34

The busy life and work have led more and more people to start putting some green plants in their homes or offices to relieve their feelings and cultivate their sentiments. But what is troubling is that it is often forgotten to water the plants and to conserve them... Newly bought green plants will not last long.

Don't worry, when you see this article, you are about to open a new way of planting green plants. The rise of the Internet has brought intelligent planting solutions to white-collar workers and families.

Kickstarter Smart Pot Planty

This flowerpot can be remotely manipulated using our mobile phone, which we always do not leave, remotely taking care of your plants. Water is added to the Planty replenishment box, and when it is plugged in and connected to WiFi, it will send various information to the matching mobile phone APP. For example, if the soil is too dry and the temperature is too hot or too cold, you can check it on the Planty app. these messages.

Even if you forget to check it, the app will inform you and you can remotely water the green or adjust the room temperature accordingly.