Wuyang Xinli Plastic Packing Co., Ltd was founded in February,2012.
Bearing environmental and social responsibility in mind, we specialize in development and manufacturing of

high-quality plastic products for both local and international markets. 
We have experienced designer team and continuously launch new products,we pride in our design, quality, price and

product development. 
With the win-win philosophy, We mainly export products to many countries such as European countries, America,

Southern American and Japan. We offer varieties of products which can meet multifarious demands. We'd like to

cooperate with new and old friends from all over the world and develop together.


Our flower pots are made from environmental-friendly recycled materials,they can resistant the ultraviolet rays and strong sunlight. The substances in the flower

pot can permeate into the soil and conductive to the growth of flowers. Our pots are suitable for tiny plants,planting herbs and various colorful flowers ,and

beautify our rooms,windows,balcony,offices and gardens .

Custom Garden Planting Eco-Friendly Plastic Nursery Flower Pot

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Customized Nursery Garden Planter Plastic Flower Pot

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New Garden Home Decoration Planting Plastic Pot

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Plastic Flower Pot Sowing Nursery

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We aim to encourage an ECO-friendly life and offer a healthy and popular green low carbon life.


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The middle section of Wuyang Qingdao Road, 
Luohe City, Henan Province

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