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"Child Holding Empty Flower Pot"

2020/07/31 09:11

      It tells the story of the ancient king of North Korea choosing heirs.  The story vividly describes the story of the protagonist Song Jin and clarifies the virtue of honesty.
      The wise king in the story chooses the heir to the throne because he is old. He thought of a good way: He sent a flower seed to children all over the country, and announced: "Who can plant the most beautiful flowers, this child will become my heir." On the last day of the stipulated time,  Children from all over the country came before the king. They were all holding bright flowers, but Song Jin alone came to the king with an empty flower pot.

       But what everyone didn’t expect was that the king took Song Jin’s hand in excitement and said loudly, "He is my heir!"... It turned out that the flowers that the king sent were all cooked, not at all.  May grow flowers. Only Song Jin was honest and came to the king with an empty flower pot.